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Who We Are?

BBS Consulting Group is a specialist consultancy company consistently creating sustainable business value for our vast network of international and local clients for over 5 years. This longevity in the industry has sharpened our skills and expertise in delivering result-oriented, profit-based solutions that are unrivalled by our peers.

Meet Your Instructor

Irene Agunbiade

Irene Agunbiade is a proven industry leader and distinguished leadership development specialist. Over the years, she has successfully led cross-functional teams to implement new business initiatives. Her remarkable approach to leadership development is such that it provides room for growth, allowing organisations, businesses and individuals to align with their visions. Irene holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Business Administration (MBA International) degree. She has over two decades’ management experience in the financial services sector and is a published author of 7 books.

Our Clients Love Us!

BBS CONSULTING GROUP has worked with prestigious companies and business owners. We have been in this field of expertise for over 5 years and from new product launches to project management and business expansion, we have always made business operations smoother and easier for all our clients.

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